Naked Hosting + Elevated X

Naked Hosting + Elevated X = <3

Naked Hosting and Elevated X are pleased to announce the release of new hosted CMS plans with Elevated X included!

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Starting at $99 per month including web hosting, Elevated X Basic is a scaled down, single site version of the exact same CMS software used by many of adult’s largest companies since 2006.

Until now price was a huge barrier to entry for a lot of new startups and single site owners. A lot of people wanted to use Elevated X to run their web sites but didn’t want or need all the features the big adult companies require in a software product. With the introduction of affordable inclusive web hosting and CMS software packages we made it easy for people to start with Elevated X Basic and upgrade to the full professional CMS version as their business grows.

We’re currently offering 2 tiers of Elevated X basic with 2 different levels of shared web hosting. Additionally, a dedicated server deal is available exclusively from Naked Hosting.

Installation is included and there’s no setup fee and no long term contract to get started with Elevated X basic.

This is the first time in our 8 year history that we’ve offered a CMS product that caters to the entry level market. We’re very excited about what this means for the future of Elevated X.

For more information and a software demo please visit or order directly

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